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Vintage Toys Make You Feel Like You’re Playing in a Museum by Asuka Jeong

Have you ever gone into a museum (not a natural history museum or a natural museum or a science museum with dinosaur bones, but any other kind of historical museum where they feature old products, such as toys, and really thought you’d like to play with one of them?

Well, today there are a ton of different ways to make this dream come true. No, you will not be able to actually go up to the shelf at a museum, pull a toy off, and begin playing with it however you see fit, but you can go online and order vintage toys which are taking a big place in the toy market these days.

If you haven’t noticed, within the recent hipster trend, there has been a highly increased interest in vintage toys among other vintage things. Whereas when we were young we used to think that old was the most uncool thing you can be, now people are dressing up in old suits and muumuus that their grandmas and grandpas used to wear because they think the vintage look is cool. To that end they are going through all kinds of other fads, but they are also pulling out all kinds of other vintage products like vintage toys. Captain Crunch has gone back to advertising their cereal the same way that they used to advertise it years ago with the old cartoon logo that they used to use instead of the one that they have used up until recently.

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What is clear is that old is the new, new. Vintage toys are more and more exciting to people as time passes because they like the age that they carry with them. Of course there are different types of vintage toy collectors, the ones that had the original toys when they came out, and the ones that collect the new versions of the old vintage toys. There are vintage toys that were actually created in the old days and there are new toys designed to look vintage.